IMG_9704epp 800 pixels     Welcome! My name is Michelle Nedd, the creator and owner of Honey Fête. We are a wedding, social, and corporate event planning and design company. I take personal pride in wowing my clients with unique design options while striving to provide an exceptional client experience. As a mother and wife, I understand the importance of making memorable moments every day with my clients as I do with my family. I consistently receive accolades for my attention to the smallest details and ability to apply my wisdom to difficult situations.  My diverse portfolio of capabilities coupled with experience and reinforced with many years of intense education make me a triple threat.   I’m not only enthused to be a part of your big day; I am prepared to help kick it up a notch.

     Honey Fête was created to not be like other local event planning companies as we are not hung up on the way things are “supposed to be” and rather focus on how to best make our clients happy, whether traditionally or totally out of the box. This is how the name Honey Fête was created. The French word Fête refers to a celebration; but we create Honey Fêtes. A much sweeter celebration tailored to the taste of our clients and the people that they will host. We enjoy the challenge of elevating your vision and finding the bang that leaves the lasting impression with your guests.