Community Fêtes are where you see Honey Fête giving back to the community. We are not just participants in the service industry, we practice humble service everyday. Giving back isn’t just good for our community but also good for our hearts! Bring your giving spirit and support or join us at our next Community Fête.

Causes We Support


Wish Upon a Wedding ( – A non-profit organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness & serious life altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.

The I Do Foundation ( )- Allows engaged couples to give back to the community through their wedding gift registries. Couples can visit the website and select a charitable registry for which they identify the most.   Guests can then donate in honor of their host.

Where Have We Been?

Golf ClassicYooto’pea’s  3 Club Classic: August 27, 2016 hole sponsorship to support a Baltimore Youth Golf Club.

DC HomelessGift Cards for Warmth: For the winter 2016 the temperatures have dropped below freezing throughout the days.  The homeless shelters take in many of those in need for the night, however during the day they are out to fend for themselves.  The stores only let them in if they are able to purchase something.  Honey Fête is collecting gift cards to McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts to pass out to those on the streets just so they can get an hour or two of warmth while taking in a brief meal.  As they are collected they are randomly passed out on the street to the cold residents, sometimes covered in frost.   If you meet a Honey Fête representative, feel free to donate $10 or $15 or a gift card to one of those places for distribution.

2015-08-01 13.44.25Brides Against Breast Cancer: August 1, 2015 we volunteered to help organize the Alexandria, VA showing of the Tour of Gowns.   Proceeds for the sale of donated gowns go towards breast cancer research and family support.  Visit to find out how you can show your support.

 Children in occupational costumes

Prince George’s County School Career Day: May 15, 2015, Honey Fête participated in career day hosted by Prince George’s County Public School by educating elementary students on the benefits of entrepreneurship and the exciting career choice of wedding and event planning.

Where Will We Be?

Email us at to let us know what community service events you are participating in and would like for Honey Fête to support.